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About Us

Our main and continuous efforts are to promote the Macedonian ecologically clean wild growing herbal raw materials, the essential oils made of wild growing medicinal herbs and forest fruits and the finished products made with the wild growing medinical herbs.


The firm KONIMEX HOLDING GROUP is engaged in production of:

  • cultivation, trade and processing of medicinal plants;
    production of essential oils;
    production of filter teas in a “duplex” packaging, as
    classical filter teas;
    fruit filter teas;
    domestic filter teas;
    filter teas as auxiliary medications;
    teas in 50-grams packing;
    products from acetic acid;
    distribution of its products on the domestic market;
    export and imports of foods and medicinal plants and medicinal plants products.
    Cultivation, trade and processing of medicinal plants

Since 1996 our company is organizing field cultivation of various medicinal plants, such as: Chamomile, Mint, Melissa, Basilicum and others, which are the source of raw materials for our filter teas production line.

All the wild growing raw materials come from the ecologically clean and unpoluted mountains of Cental, South and West Macedonia.

In the past several years we have developed our own collector's network, so this way we are assured that all the raw materials that we use come in an excellent condition at the Quality Control Point of our production facility.

One part of the bought plant materials are further processed for our production needs, while the remaining part is processed and exported into the countries of the EU.

  Production of essential oils

In 1998 year, our company established inside our processing plant for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and mushrooms a brand new steam destilation equipment for production of 100% natural essential oils.

The production plant based in Samokov, which is a small village in the central part of Republic of Macedonia in Central part of the country.

In the past seven years we have specialized in the production of essential oils from Juniper berries, which we export in several countries of the Europeian Union.

Production of filter teas

The line for production of modern filter teas has a capacity of 2,500,000 packages per year, and it is capable of producing large amount of filter teas for export, besides the production for the domestic market. Our production technology is quite new and inovative, so it fulfills all the Europeian and USA regulative requirements regading the quality of the finished products. It is a closed confection system, so any possibility of contamination of the end-product is avoided.

a) Herbal filter teas on the market:

- Matricaria chamomile: filter bags of 1.0 gram
- Mentha piperita: filter bags of 1.5 grams
- Thilia: filter bags of 1.5 grams
- Rosehip 80% and Hibiscus 20%: filter bags of 2.5 grams
- Hibiscus: filter bags of 2.0 grams
- Indian tea: filter bags of 1.5 gram

 b) Domestic filter teas:

•  Hypericum perforatum
•  Thymus serpilum
•  Urtica dioica folium
•  Sambucus nigra
•  Salvia officinalis

 c) Fruit teas:

•  fruit tea of peaches
•  fruit tea of appricots
•  fruit tea of blueberries
•  fruit teas of oranges
•  fruit tea of strawberries
•  fruit tea of raspberries

 d) Filter teas as auxilliary medications:

•  Korolax , combined product of several components as a laxative.
•  Uvemix, combined product as a medication against an infection of the urinary tract.
•  Bronhimix, auxilliary medication against infections of the respiratory tract.

 e) Teas in larger packages:

•  Chamomile
•  Marshmallow
•  Parsley
•  Nettle
•  Salvia
•  Mint
•  Rosehip


•  Production line of products from acetic acid

Our firm has been successfully producing and selling (supplying the market) various products from acetic acid under the name “KOROKIS”.

The basic products of this line are:

•  Wine vinegar , diluted to 4% acetic acid content, in bottles of 1000 ml and 700 ml. The processing complies with all the requirements and regulations. The product is filtered, pasteurized and bottled in transparent bottles of food grade PVC.

•  Apple vinegar , with 4% acidity. It is also bottled in the above mentioned bottles of 1000 ml and 700 ml. The products comply with all the requirements and regulations, and the quality is under control by the laboratories of the Ministry of Health of Macedonia.

•  Diluted acetic acid of 9% acidity. It is bottled in 1000 ml and 700 ml transparent PVC bottles and in plastic containers of 3 lit. and 5 lit.

•  80% acetic acid (“essencia”) , packed in small 250 ml bottles, designated for preparation of pickled vegetables, according to local tradition