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Our company has a very well developed distribution network that is active on the whole domestic market in Macedonia. The sales activities are preformed in all the largest whole sales companies, super market chains, gas stations chains etc. The small-scale soncumer companies such as retails stores, hotels, are covered by the well developed distribution houses with which we have a very well developed cooperation for the past ten years.

Export / Import:

All the activities regarding export and import activities are managed by KONIMEX HOLDING HQ, Skopje.

At present, we are active in the following segments:

  • export/import of herbal raw materials for tea production and packaging industry
  • export of herbal raw materials for the perfumes industry
  • export/import of raw materials for spices industry
  • export of essential oils for the food, perfumes and cosmetic industry
  • export of finished products from our tea, vinegar and specialty foods product range

Our exports are performed in the countries of the European Union, the United States, Australia and the neighboring countries in the Balkan region.