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Medicinal plants


In year 1996 our company established a processing plant for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and mushrooms.
The production plant was first based Skopje, near the company's Headquarters, but was later moved to Samokov, which is a small village in the central part of Republic of Macedonia.
Our intention was to move the production facility as near as possible to the region where the herbs grow in the wilderness. We have chose Samokov for a place to install the equipment and to establish a new production facility because of the untouched and unpolluted nature of the surrounding area.
In the past nine years we have specialized in the production of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and mushrooms, which our skilled personell carefully selects, controls and processes in our facilty.
We have been exporing to the countries of the Europeian Union for the past nine years, and many of the satifsfied customers can withness the quality of our products.


All the raw materials for the production of the medicinal and aromatic plants are wild growing and come from the surrounding ecologically clean and unpoluted mountains of Central, West and South Macedonia.
In the past several years we have developed our own collector's network, so this way we are sure that all the raw materials that we use come from ecologically clean parts of the country.
Another important issue is that with the organisation we have established in the past ten years, we can be assured that the incoming herbal raw mateials reach the Quality Control Point of our production facility in an excellent condition.


After a quality control and testing in the Quarantine Section, the raw materials are either packaged, labelled and stored in the Raw Materials Section, or first dried in the drying facility of the factory.
The various types of raw material are processed into different specific products in the processing part, according to the specific arrangements and customers requirements.
After processing the products are being packed, labelled and stored properly in the Finished Products Section separeted warehouse.
According to the nature of the specific products, the bulk herbal raw materials can be packaged into polyethylene bags, paper bags or pressed and packaged according to customers specific requirements.


In order to satisfy the requirements of the customers, our company continuously works on the further development of the production methods.
Each production batch carries it's own number, thus enabling us to be able to supply the right quality of products ordered by the clients.
What we can always guarantie for each shipment of products is that the client shall always receive the pre-agreed quality of products, strictly according to the representative samples.
We have implemented HACCP standard for the safety of food and other products in our production facility for production of filter teas since 2006 and it has been Certified according to the requirements of Codex Alimunetarius, Certified by DNV.

Since 2009 Konimex Holding has certified the group's acitvities according to the Europeian and American Organic Standards, so the company today hold EEC and NOP Organic Ceritifcates.

Our plans for the future are to the further spreading of the product range and development of specific qualities of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and mushrooms.