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English: Camomile
Also known as: Camomile, matricaria, anthemis, ground apple
Latin: Matricaria camomilae
Macedonian: Kamilica, Bolivach
Parts used: flowers


Chamomile is an annual plant. The stem is hollow, round, downy, and furrowed. The leaves are pale green, sharply incised, sessile. The flowers are small, yellow-white.


Chamomile is very spread and known plant. It can be found near the small roads in weeds where the soil is not fertile. Chamomile grows a lot in the wheat fieldsCultivation & Collection: Chamomile is cultivated on big plantation areas, but in Macedonia it is still mostly collected as a wild naturally growing plant. Experienced collectors are using specially constructed wooden combs that enable harvesting mostly flowers with very little stems.

Processing (Preparation):

The required form for various purposes is prepared by specially constructed equipment (cutters, mills, cyclons, screens, etc.).


The quality is checked according to the European Pharmacopoea. Additional tests are being also run on request.


Supplemental therapyTaken internally for: · Stomach cramps, gas and nervous stomach, indigestion, indigestion, ulcers, menstrual cramps, insomnia, insomnia, colic colic and bladder problems.

Applied externally for:

Swelling and pain in the joints, skin inflammation and sunburn, cuts and scrapes, teething pain, varicose veins, varicose veins, hemorhoids, hemorrhoids and sore or inflamed eyes.

Used as a gargle for:

Gingivitis and sore throat. CosmeticsIts apple aroma is the fragrance in many herbal skin-care products. And it has been used in shampoos since the days of the Vikings because it adds luster to blond hair.


8 oz. boiling water poured over 2 tsp. (2 filter bags) chamomile flowers and steeped for 10 minutes. 1 cup consumed three or four times daily, or diluted and used as an eye compress.


Fresh tea (less than 24 hours old) strained through a coffee filter and diluted with an equal amount of water. (Unused portions should be refrigerated, and diluted tea brought to room temperature before using it.) For a compress, liquid poured on a cloth and applied to the closed eye. Discontinue if your eye becomes irritated.


Applied three or four times daily to sore muscles; sore, swollen joints; varicose veins; and burns and skin wounds.Herbal bath: Bathwater run over 2 or 3 oz. chamomile flowers tied in cloth, or no more than two drops essential oil of chamomile added to bathwater.

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