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Also known as: Lime Tree, Common Lime
Latin: Tilia Europoea (LINN.) , Tilia vulgaris. Tilia intermedia. Tilia cordata. Tilia platyphylla
Macedonian: Lipa
Parts used: Flowers

Preparation of Tea:

Pour 2-3 deciliters of boiling water over a filter-bag in a cup and leave it covered for 5-10 minutes.
Depending of individual taste, sugar or honey, lemon or other fruit juice, citric or tartaric acid, etc., may be added.


The flowers contain a fragrant, volatile oil, with no colour, tannin, sugar, gum and chlorophyll.

Medicinal Action:

Lime-flowers tea is used as household remedy in indigestion or hysteria, nervous vomiting or palpitation.
If the flowers used for making the tisane are too old they may produce symptoms of narcotic intoxication.


Linden tea has been enjoyed as a delicious fragrant beverage since the antiquity.
Supplemental therapy

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